Monthly Archives: September 2015

Waking up and finding out it’s not my day


I’ve been told by many that I have a problem with waking up. I know, who doesn’t? But this one’s legitimate. It’s a struggle.

I used to stay at a dormitory back in college. My good friend/ roomie Jja never fails to remind me that I’m the biggest loser when it comes to setting alarms. She never fails, up to this day. And I still haven’t changed. Even up to this day. There used to be times when she’d wake up to my alarms. It’s embarrassing. I can’t quantify how much I want to change. We all know it’s a bad habit, being alarm-dependent. And in my 22 years of existence, more than three quarters of which I have spent in school, I have never felt more sorry than today.

Why on earth did I allow myself to fall asleep when I know that I have an exam in Neuroscience 2? Last Friday, we already had a quiz on the same topics and as i have evaluated I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t, at all. So I told myself that it was alright because I have next week (that’s today) to make up for my last week. I was in for a big surprise when I read nothing, absolutely nothing, for today’s big exam. Have you ever been in a similar situation? Trust me you do not want to experience that. We’ve been having daily exams and quizzes for two weeks now, and maybe I am getting tired. I’m not giving up on my new-found dream, but maybe I deserve the right to actually complain. And even when I try to reason out for myself that I am just tired, then why aren’t my classmates? How come they are still functional? Optimally functional.

That’s the thing. There’s no one else to blame but me. For not setting so many alarms, for not waking up to any of the many alarms, and for being a little too lax. And even more so because I have even started putting the blame on others. How unbelievable can I get, right?

As expected, Neuroscience Quiz 2 was very difficult. I was so proud of myself after last year’s quizzes. While most of my classmates were busy memorizing answers to sample exams, I was hitting the books. Seriously, I was a total nerd for Neuroscience back then. I was studying because I enjoyed it. IF only I could get the zest back, and lose the perpetual exhaustion.

Where do I sign up for time management?