Found a new hobby


I’ve been trying this new hobby for two weeks now. Mom and I have been a little busier nowadays because we can’t stop baking. Take a look at these:

Well, it started when Little sis Bing made these Graham balls

Mom wanted to give baking some more time, afterall the oven’s just there waiting to be used. So we made this batch of Revel bars:

And because I enjoyed baking that much, Mom taught me how to bake Chocolate Chip Cookies. Some were more like breads because they never got that cookie-hard feel. I was feeling thankful when this batch came out of the oven just perfect:

But I was most happy when something like this came out of the oven:

    Boy, did it taste so perfect! It looked perfect and tasted perfect. Hahah!
Mom insists we bake an Upside Down Cake the next time, but I wasn’t sold on the idea. We’ll see. Hehe. I’m so happy with this new-found interest.


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