Road to RN


Today is the first day of the May 2015. Nursing Licensure Exam.

Because I feel like  I have oi idea what the world outside of Medicine feels like in the past month, it was only last Monday when I remembered claiming my Nursing license.   

 Well, well, well, who do we have here? A registed nurse claiming her license! 

More than a month after the issued date of claim, I headed to PRC not expecting the long queue, armed with a handfan and a bottle of water. The items I had with me were with me because it was the summmer and it’s reason enough. Had I known that the building was full, I would have postponed heading there. Two hours later, I had my hands on my baby. Sorry, I can’t post my actuad ID. The feeling, for some, would have been surreal. I was just happy. It’s not because I’m not grateful. Believe me, I don’t think I can ever thank the high Heavens enough. I just feel like I could have done better. Around this time last year I was still in the province enjoying what was left of my vacation, while my college classmates were attending review classes. And I was among those who had to enroll in Medicine July of last year. The exam was last November. I wasn’t panicking. Even if I did want to study, I did not have Nursing books or notes with me. Well, I was convincing myself I did nit have the resources so as not to study just yet. 

My classmates who were also going to attend Medicine last year had the same plan – to attend the review on weekends. What we did not expect was that we had classes on Saturday mornings. That was our loss because that time was alloted to studyifor the board exam. Hoping that I weould feel more motivated because of the nearing date, I allowed pressure to set in. And so….  

Sometime in July i was busy watching movies with some new-found friends. Here’s a picture of our tickets to an awesome Marvel flick. 

 Sometime in August my review center switched buildings. As someone without a trace of sense of direction, I didn’t bother asking where the new location was. Instead, I brought some boooks with me and studied at a nearby coffee shop. Unexpectedly some of my college classmates joined me in the afternoon as they planned to ditch the afternoon session at their review center. Here’s evidence…

 Feeling tired from all the catching up I had to do in review classes, I had the guts to take time off  school reviewing and get a night life with some friends. Don ‘t judge me when you see this. 

As soon as the semester ended, my subsect – mates and I headed to this amusement park two hours away from the city. Really, I was thinking I had the luxury of time when it comes to reviewing. I think I really need one of those reality checks, if I even knew what those meant. I’m gutsy alright, but I wasn’t crazy enough to ride this one.

 Tic-tok! I figured time was flying by.   Because weekdays weren’t enough to cover everything, a few friends spent weeknights with me. I think coffee shops were happy because we frequented them night and day.  

The weekend before the actual boards, Dad came for a visit. Nah, he was attending a convention. They were housed at Solaire. While Dad was having dinner with the company, my sisters were having fun at the Casino. Guess where I was? At the cheapest restaurant I can find within the establishment. Sadly, it wasn’t at all cheap. I could hear my wallet crying. As common courtesy, I had to buy my sisters slices of cakes when they joined me later on that night. But that was sumptous anyway 


I was freaking out nights before the actual boards. On the very day, we didn’t have a helper with us yet, so I had to prepare my own meals. I went  so far as renting a cab and a driver a day before so as to avoid being late on those two days. The emotional turmoil that set in was too much to handle. I would never wish for anyone to go through WHAT i had been through. 

Again, I was unprepared to take this make or break exam. THANKFULLY, everything paid off. I even had a good grade which, I soon learned, qualified to the top 20. Thank God. Balancing first year Med and nursing boards was tricky, but getting through both at the same time was feasible. There isn’t much here about diligence, but this sure is a story of dedication. My hopes of becoming a Registered Nurse was the only thing that got me through. 

I wish this year’s examinees luck and optimism. Sometimes we aren’t left with much choice, but keeping a positive mind can spell all the difference. 


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