The many influences of KP


I’m going home in a few days. I can not emohasize how excited I really am. I am going to miss the big city. But I don’t think anything can replace all-day laziness, getting up at noon, and no limit on any food that’s fresh. 🙂 But that’s not today’s story.

Let me introduce you to KP. Today I will be heading to some mall to fetch KP’s gadget. He’s this uncle of mine, whose creativity is overflowing. After losing his camera to some natural disaster (I’m sure everyone’s heard of Haiyan and it’s devastating effects on the Philippines), he now has enough finances to buy himself a new high-end camera. By the way, he is building himself a house. He’s that rich now.  *wink*
You know how when you were a  kid you wabnted to have someone to look up to. Well, both my parents were too busy to engage us in any new activity, that having KP visit us at home was a way of introducing to us new hobbies and new gadgets. For a while, he even got me into photography. But I didn’t have the skill, or the keen eye on things. Below is exhibit A.

                                                                                                 Exhibit A
Somehow, going home reminds me of KP. He kind of always surprises us. He does not live with us. My parents always want to have something new at home when we (my sisters and I) go back home. Most of the times, we would come home to parties, and KP will be there cooking the most delicious of foods in town (go ask our frequent visitors who have known him by now), and the most beautiful of flower arrangements. I told you his creativity is beyond any limit. 

May I also add that he is the best driving teacher around. In my college years, my father taught me how to drive. Mostly, it was my siblings and I who were scared to death. It was not because we were driving, but because our Dad would go all-Daddy on us like some high-ranking military officer. He’s a physician. When one day Dad was busy (as in most days), KP would come to the rescue. With him, it’s all chill. 

That is what I learned from spending time with him. When I grow up, I want to be like him. He may not have been successful with his first career (he studied Physical Therapy), but he is happy with where he is right now, and that’s all him. It’s one thing that he has put his talents into good use, and another that he is sharing with others. As far as I know, he is the definition of a happy go lucky person, not giving a care in the world. Of course he cares, he just preferes to see the brighter and lighter things in life. 


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