The things I stumble Upon


So I have just come from an overnight to finish our Community Diagnosis final output. I was very tired from two months of 8-hour nursing work in the hospital, and all-nighters when I get home. To cut the long story short, my groupmate and I slept the night away out of exhaustion But before that, I was at a friend’s birthday celebration. It was a mix of emotions I had last night. 

When Isa and I woke up (when we weren’t really supposed to, as we shouldn’t have had any sleep), we hurried to each of our appointments back in Manila.  I felt awake because I had my dose of Venti Java Chip. I decided to check my e-mails and my social networks. I stumbled upon this:

I think back to my last two weeks at the hospital, when I had the opportunity to care for a particular infant. He has Down Syndrome. He was the cutest child in the Ward. I’ll say that even if it were uncalled for. He would cry when it weren’t his mother’s touch. eventually I was allowed by him to care for him when his mother was out to buy needs. 

I deeply appreciate his mother’s sacrifices, her every effort to be the most caring individual at the age of 39. She is such an inspiration. Although uncertain of his and her future, she did not show a sign of anxiety. She wanted to be a mother, and she is doing such a great job. I wish all the best for them.


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