So Dad and I were seated in front of Bossini in the busy street that seemed to be China Town. Beside us sat an Indian Family. I am not going to be discriminating, if that’s what you think. As a matter of fact, I am very pleased to have overheard the conversation that transpired between the two Indian kids. They were mentioning English words that started with a given letter.

Small Kid: “U”

Smaller kid: Uhm.. Papa (muttered in Indian words that translated to “What English words start with the letter U?” 

Kids’ Papa: Umbrella

Smaller Kid: Umbrellla. “V”

Small Kid: Violet. W

Smaller Kid: water. X

Small kid: (..thinking…)

Smaller Kid: X-ray

Small kid: Excellent

Smaller kid:Y


The moment the small kid said “excellent”, I think I just died. X-cellent! :))) This made me happy. 


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