So my sisses are ever-busy. Since my schedule is very flexible, Daddy appointed me in-charge of the booking for tickets home. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! After five long months, I finally get to see my brother again.

But geez! It was a complete hassle talking to different representatives in such short notice. It was already 10 pm when I started looking up tickets online, and of course payment transactions were only available during working hours. That’s just fair, I know. It’s my first time to have done this successfully.

And I have encountered so many problems, like all three of us maxing out our credit cards. Dad would be so furious. I thought my sisters said that they haven’t used their credit cards yet for this month yet, but as it turns out, they already have. So what I did was use Achi’s credit card for her ticket, mine for my ticket, and Bing’s for her’s. Didn’t have to be a genius to actually think of that.

One of my roommates got exempted from Math 17 finals. What do you think? Well, adik siya dahil minsan e talagang dina siya natutulog sa bed niya. Pero idol! Ang galing niya lang. Sacrifices were made but they’re all worth it. 


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