This Chemistry genius


So I was reading this blog and the only other tab open on Google Chrome was Facebook ( duh! What else?! Teenager here!), when a red flag or whatever came to sight – I had a notification. I know, I know. I wasn’t hyped about it, for all I know it could be another invite to play another Facebook game. I was ready to just click the button, and ignore – not even read it! But the notification said that my Chem Professor, who happens to be my all-time favorite teacher, commented on my wall post.

Look here! He is not just any professor. He is one of those who come in class without anything, but a whiteboard marker (third-world resident here). He is one of the most effective teachers, who takes time to know his students. At present, he took time off teaching and studied in some known university in the United States. Well, he is THAT good. 

I remember my first semester in my university. I was really eager to attend his classes. I mean, I’m not any good in Chemistry (let alone, Science). I get by, but with Sir Li, I somehow excelled. 

But here’s the funny thing. I posted on his wall more than a month ago. I had to revisit his Facebook page to confirm what I was thinking. Yep, he went through his notifications to say his than yous to those who’ve      congratulated him for being one of the two top Chemistry Master Students. And although I believe that he has forgotten about me being his student, it would be safe for him to assume that I will never forget the teacher that he is. 

Thank you,Sir. You are truly inspirational! 🙂

P.S. and funny (without being deliberately funny!)


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