On Random strangers


So I was the usual me this afternoon! 🙂 felt like a teenager once more ( given I’ll be saying goodbye to the ‘-teen’ attached to my age).

I felt the craving for a cup of coffee. in my world, nothing is coffee that’s not Starbucks. I would go as far as saying that I don’t drink coffee if it doesn’t have my name on it’s cup or if it doesn’t have a green straw. swear! I’m not after the taste of their coffee or any of their drinks. as a matter of act, I find their coffee bland. I ordered the usual venti Signature Hot Chocolate.Yep, that’s it! I am after the familiarity their drinks offer me. Bad days make me feel gloomy. today was a bad day because of the  bad weather we had, and the bad deed of being academically unproductive.

I brought Ate Joy with me. Like me, she was looking for an excuse not to study. (HELLO, toxic CI and MedPaper!) It was already raining hard before we even went halfway Robinsons Manila. It’s a good thing I borrowed that umbrella, or else we’d both have been wet. We bought groceries first because I was just being cautious. I wanted to drink choco at the dorm, not the mall.

We arrived at Starbucks where a rather short line was awaiting me. Because I can be such bully, Ate Joy (the friend from the dorm, student-worker at the dorm who looks nothing like a student-worker) did not want to wait in line with me. As a consequence, I told her to bring with her the plastic bags containing our bought goods. :)) I even called her ‘Yaya’, my term of endearment for her. 🙂 she did, and I was left alone.

I couldn’t help but notice the teenage boy and girl in front of me. they were laughing. I’m not sure if they were a couple or just the best of friends. I’m sure they weren’t from my school.  It’s easy to tell: they looked rich didn’t seem like they give a damn on other people.

They were having a good time that they didn’t notice that the other counter was ready for them. They were good-looking from behind. I think they were ‘dating’ because their gestures show so: the girl was outside the line but in such a way that she was still right cross him. The guy was difficult to read. He seemed happy but I could tell that he was looking at our reflections from the mirror at the bar. I felt flattered because it’s been a long time since a guy has done that to me… or IDK.

Their attention was being called for the third time when the lady came to her senses and realized that they were too busy talking. She signalled to me, and I motioned for the counter. Suddenly, the guy (in dark blue jacket a hoodie) turned around. He looked partly Chinese. The way he stared was different. His eyes had a smile on them. And because there was a different twinkle, I forgot  what I had to say. ” Ah.. Ah..Available na po,” was all that came out of my stunned mouth, pointing  at the other counter. I forgot that her girlfriend/ female best friend was staring at us. I get the point where they did not have to say thank you. I get the point why they didn’t let me go first. what I didn’t get was why I stuttered.

After ordering, I had to wait for the cup at the far end of the counter, where the couple of teenagers were!. I felt so cool because I had on my Universal Studios Florida sweater, and my pink iPod Nano. Call me crazy then. i couldn’t hear a word the kids were saying, but I was endorsing being a Barista to Yaya. Seconds later, the female half of the couple was beside me, and I tried to gaze somewhere else. I didn’t want to see her face, simply because I didn’t want to judge her. If anything, I wanted to see the guy’s face because the smile I saw on his face was peculiar. The fact that they were not together waiting for their orders made me think that they were just friends. But I know I was wrong when the guy’s name Miguel was called, and he was holding his and his girlfriend’s drinks.

Finding out that they were dating wasn’t upsetting though. I was actually happy for them, and for me. I was happy they found each other. I was happy I felt like a teenager once more.


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