Here comes the new RN


The Philippine Nursing Licensure Exam results came out yesterday. Guess what! Achi was on that list. 

You know what that means? Well, aside from the fact that she now has a liscence to brag about, she has fulfilled yet another of her dreams. It seems like things are going her way: she’s started Med School in her university of choice this year, and I believe she is doing great in everything she does.

So, from li’l sis here, Congratulations Achi! I am one proud sister!


I also congratulate the topnotcher (who happens to come from the same province where I came from, and also a Tomasino). I congratulate Achi’s high school classmates who also made it to the list. And I am proud of UP Manila’s College of Nursing Batch 2012. The tradition goes on, 100% passing rate since our establishment as an institution. We also have 11 nurses who made it to the Top 10, (btw, there were only 50 who took the exam). This means we have more than 20% of the total batch of exam-takers who landed  on Top 10. Gujab!

P.S. i’d really love to post some photos but that’s too much of a give-away.:P


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