A shout out to my crush


My crush looks like an anime character. Think of any good-looking animated villain, and you get a good picture of this guy I’ve been crushing on for four long years.

Dear crush, you might not know it but I am very thankful to you. Without your knowing it, it’s been four years of inspiration. May you continue inspiring others, ahem, ME! :)) Thank you! Stay humble!

***I’d love to share his photo here, but I gotta be cautious. My friends just might stumble upon this blog post, and this is a four-year old secret I’ll be risking.


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  1. Crushes are a nightmare! You never know when to make a move, or whether to make a move at all. But this is a very genuine post and it seems he’s a top guy 🙂 We’re a blog for teens, by teens and may give some advice with crushes! Check us out if you’re interested in perhaps lending us a hand 🙂

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