Something about the RH Bill


Most of my friends are anti-RH bill. I can’t say that I am in the position to convince them to be on our side, but there is no harm trying.

At first, I was anti-RH. That was until I had the chance to read the entire bill. That helped me a lot, especially in answering the many questions I had in mind. Also, the reasons for putting up such a bill became very clear afterwards.

The thing is many of my friends are studying in Catholic schools. I can’t help but think that their minds are clouded by what their school administrations dictate. I wish they spend time to read what the opposing party has to say, just like I did. Come to think of it, if I weren’t an iskolar ng bayan, I might have a different stand. If I weren’t where I am today, then I might have passed up on the chance of seeing a woman mothering 12 children, or a teenager on her 3rd pregnancy. I can never come up with a solution to these problems, but there are ways to prevent it, and the RH bill is one of those ways.

Those who might not have been able to read the entire bill would say that passing the bill would be enough grounds to question most people’s morals. Say it were true, I would argue that now is not the time to question morals. That boat sailed a long time ago. We’ve been there before, we’ve been on that path where families are left on our own and the outcome has not been good. We’ve lasted for more than 2000 years, and not now we are barely a nation. What needs to happen before we Filipinos could conclude that we need an intervention?

You say that the rest of the world might laugh at our being a mostly-Catholic country if the RH bill makes it way to being a law. But even the Pope now approves of the use of contraceptives, condoms in particular. It’s a good sign that the Pope understand that these things have their good sides too. I would like to add that going against the decisions of the church is not going against the ideals of our religion. Besides, the bill is not there to determine between the church and the state has a more dominant effect on the hoi polloi. It doesn’t matter whether or not we have clashing decisions towards a pressing issue. Not everything is for the church to decide. What matters would be that we are still one church, bonded by our faith, at the end of the day. How will we find the world laughing at us that way?

Yes, we pride ourselves of the Filipino labor force. But is it not time to move on from that mentality? Can’t we get deeper than that? Is that everything we have and everything we ever will be? I should not believe so. Other countries with lesser populations are doing better than we are on the economic aspect.

The RH bill does not take away the people’s rights to decide for their own families. If anything, it gives them a choice, and more importantly, knowledge on many alternatives, on benefits, advantages and disadvantages, and even just plain knowledge.

I might not be very vocal about it, but the proponents of the bill have my support. The bill is now on its way to amendment, and I couldn’t be happier. I could only wish that people be blessed with open minds and peace of mind. Here’s a tip: Tackle the issue at different perspectives!

Written August 9, 2012


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