Airport Mishap


Seriously, I now agree that the Philippines does have the worst airport.

Okay, so maybe I’ve already agreed to that one even without a personal experience. It all happened last November 5. I had a wedding to attend, or a reception. Anyway, here it goes.

I awoke at 5 in the morning such that I was on the road to NAIA Terminal Two at around 6 to catch my plane at 7:50. Now the airport rule only requires us to be there 45 minutes before the actual flight. I was early, in short. Now usually there is a signage at the check-in counter which would indicate the costumer’s destination. I was supposed to head to city called Tacloban. I’ve searched every nook and canny of the entire NAIA. All that was there was Tagbilaran. So I headed to the Customer Service or the front desk.

“Excuse me, Ma’am. What time po ang flight ng PAL to Tacloban?”
“NAIA Terminal Two po ba, Ma’am?”
“Which counter po, Ma’am?”
Browse, browse, browse. “Kahit alin sa 3-7.”

I’m not sure what I felt that time. I seriously feel like I was interrupting the Madam from working her nails into physically-attractive ones. I wanted to say, “By the way, Ma’am. Thank you for not taking interest.” That would have been rude, but so is not no eye contact with a customer when one is in the position to actually do that. For a while, I felt relieved that I now have a place to go. Eyeing the counters, I was afraid that the Madam who entertained some of my questions just misread Tagbilaran for Taclobam. Minutes later, I found myself falling in line. When I was to go next, I stopped to ask the man who was regulating the line. He wasn’t sure either but said, “Ah. Early check in? Counter 4 na lang po.”

Upon reaching Counter 4:
” Uhm, Ma’am, dito po ba ang pa-Tacloban?”
No answer. Then there was this guy who was there before I even was whose problem was his credit card not being present. Now, I would have the same problem had I not prepared. But I was prepared. Unlike that said guy.

I didn’t check in any baggage. I intended to just hand-carry my Michael Kors and four half-dozen boxes of Krispy Kreme. I know right.

–shall continue later-


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