The first post is always the hardest


I’ve been to too many a blog ( I don’t know exactly how many). But this one has got to be somewhere special. Asked what prompted me to write and start a new blog, I’d say I’m depressed. Okay, so I’m exaggerating. Here’s my 18 years of life in one or two paragraphs. Well, we’ll see how long it goes.

Four days ago, I received the news that I’ll be adding yet another year in my college life. You know why? Because I failed a subject. Not wanting to have a 5( a failing grade) in my transcript, I had to drop the subject, and (against my will) have to take it again next year. So technically, I haven’t really failed. It sucks.

So change of plans, it turns out I won’t be telling who I am in this blog. You just have to find out in the next posts. So if I were you, read on.

So here's my first clue. That's where I study

And because I’ve been given formal lessons in writing a term paper, I have learned the value of putting reference pages. I know you’re thinking, “What the heck? It’s a blog!” So I’ll just site the blog that introduced me to wordpress. I might add that the blog is generally a good read. It’s this one:


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